Jeffrey Dahmer during a court recess with his picture on the cover of a tabloid newspaper and the headline reading “Milwaukee Cannibal Kills His Cellmate.”



as a serial killer my name would be the suspense so my victims would be like “oh no, the suspense is killing me” and we would both laugh right before i killed them


i heard that jeff pleaded guilty but insane in 15 of the 17 murders he committed. i’m assuming one would be steven tuomi, since he had no memory of killing him, but does anyone know who the other victim is?

Steven Hicks, because he killed him in Ohio not Wisconsin. That means the case couldn’t be tried with the others.

I would like to know more about Jeffrey Dahmer are there any factual articles or interviews? He is such an interesting individual I want to know everything about him

I don’t know about actual articles, but you can try google news or something. For interviews, I made a masterpost of all documentaries and interviews with or about jeff here


“After he moved to Milwaukee in ‘81, the fantasies of killing people began to excite him and become more frequent.  Regarding his victims, he said he received physical pleasure from being with the victims when they were alive and he would have preferred that the victims remained alive.  However, he states that it was better to have them dead than to have them leave…

He states that when he felt they were to leave, that is when he decided to kill them.” 

Detective Dennis Murphy reading from Jeffrey Dahmer’s confession


"He seemed to wanna play with things and feel things and get to know their texture and he seemed to be very much into what’s around him.. he just wanted to know what was going on." - Lionel Dahmer

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“He had tendencies to denigrate himself. And he even told his grandmother one time, if I die, just throw me down the field. So he didn’t—he did not have a big self image.” — Lionel Dahmer, about his son Jeffrey Dahmer (via jeffreydah-mer)


“Maybe I started shutting down during the divorce proceedings. It was my way of shutting out any painful thoughts, just taking an attitude of not caring or pretending not to care, to save myself the pain of what was going on with the divorce. Maybe it started then. That was effective, it worked.”

-Jeffrey Dahmer.