I’m going to Florence for a week, so I won’t be as active as usual. I don’t know if I’ll have internet in the hotel so don’t be angry if I don’t respond to any messages for the time being. Have a nice week guys!

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Jeffrey Dahmer, letter dated 5-2-94

My Dearest Mary,

Hello my Beautiful One, how are you? Thanks a lot for those lovely poems that you’ve been sending me; I like them all! I hope that you enjoy reading the magazine’s that I’ve sent; I found them to be interesting. Also, thanks for offering to send me $50,00 each month - that’s very kind of you. But, now that you are looking for work, I don’t want you to cut yourself short. I hope that you find something you like soon. I do have a small amount in my account, so don’t feel that you need to send anything - but thanks anyway!

I did enclose an order form for a book that sounded interesting, it’s called “To Hell & Back.” Do you think that you could order it for me? Then, when I finished reading it, I could mail it out to you if you would like to read it - what do you think?

About that article you read, I have one or two art books, but I’m not all that interested in the subject. I really liked that ”lesson” on the puffins. I think that they are pretty neat too!

I enjoy listening classical music, but I don’t have any tapes of whales. Yes, I think that you and your son would enjoy a visit to the Chicago Aquarium, I’ve always liked fish.

You are right, I am very depressed, so I don’t have many interests these days. I really am not able to open up new world’s for anyone because mine has completely collapsed in on itself - sorry.

Well Mary, that sounds like a great way to wake up to me too! I hope that all your days are bright and filled with good things and such Joy! Take good care of yourself for me to!

All My Love,

PS. There is a fat little chipmunk that has hole right in front of my window. He comes out everyday, and eats the clover flowers, and he’s out there right now. It’s fun to watch him. There are a lot of dandellion’s too, but he never eats any of them; I wonder why?

*To Hell & Back is a book about life after death by Dr. Maurice Rawlings.

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i am SO glad that you're not one of those accounts that idolize/ romanticize serial killers ok i just wanted to say that

thank you! :)

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My birthday is march 5th haha, you?

October 9th :)

Twitter? Facebook ? Can we see your face ?

I don’t feel comfortable sharing my twitter and facebook, because they’re personal, but here’s your selfie (x)

Wait Im youngest Im 16 :/

I’m 16 too atm, but I’ll be 17 soon

We are the same age haha, I also thought I was the youngest

woo! When’s your birthday? :)

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don’t have one
well, I do but i haven’t been on for a year or so and i have no photos so it’s no use to you

you sound really smart for a teenager


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How old are you ? Are you female or male ? ( Im other anon)

I’m almost 17, female

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